Les Passions de l’Ame offers workshops for each concert project upon request.

Workshops for ages 14 – 99:
The narrative concert programs of Les Passions de l’Ame provide an ideal gateway to both known and unknown musical worlds, whether as an introduction to a concert or independently. A workshop also lets one catch a glimpse of the concentrated atmosphere of a rehearsal and revolves around fascinating questions such as: how does an orchestra communicate? How do musicians rehearse together? What is teamplay in the context of an orchestra?

Workshops for ages 4 – 13:
A feeling for musical form is conveyed in a playful manner to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of children. It will be listened to and observed, sung and danced, spun into stories and analyzed, allowing the children and musicians to create a musical experience together. Whether its “Gruselbarock” (scary baroque) or “PASTAcaglia”, artistic director Meret Lüthi and the musicians of Les Passions de l’Ame offer music you can almost touch – tasty, malleable, or spooky – whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to be fun!

PDF IconPASTAcaglia

PDF IconGruselbarock

Open to all ages:
We would be more than happy to open our rehearsals to toddlers (and their parents). Short visits to rehearsals can always be arranged for curious, young ears.

If you have any questions or are interested in our workshops please contact our agent Carmen Inniger:

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel.: +41 (0)31 558 39 85